The home screen displays the different auctions that may be published for viewing. This only shows you an overview of the auction, with a brief description, and the price. By clicking on the View Auction button, you will be taken to the listing of all the items which are available in that particular auction.


Once you have clicked on the View Auction button you want to view, you will have access to all the listed items which are available. This page is more of an overview of each item, with limited bidding functions. However, it will show you some vital information as to the current status of each item.


To see more photos, descriptions and bidding functions, click the main photo of the particular unit. Now you will see all the details specific to the item you have selected to get a better look at. You can view all the photos by simply clicking on the arrows.
To bid, simply access the bidding section and check if there are any bids placed, and what the current bid value is.

Starting Bid [$xx,xxx]:

This is the set starting bid of an item, this will be displayed if there have not been any bids placed on that particular lot
Current Bid [$xx,xxx]:

If there have been bids placed on an item by various other bidders, the current bid will show what the current value of the item is at.


Once you have found the van that suits you most, then it is now the time to become a player! Now, simply enter the amount that you are willing to pay for this item and click the bid icon.


Thinking of trading in your van? Simply sign up and provide details (e.g. make, model, year of manufacture, expected price, features, upgrading/downsizing etc.)


In the past, you may have advertised your items already and may have already come across several enquiries from potential purchasers. It pays to list these potential leads and with your permission, these potential prospects may be contacted by SNAP Auctions on your behalf to encourage them to make a bid on your van. More importantly, if any of these leads end up being the successful bidder, your auction fees may be reduced by up to 90%.


Commission fee will only be payable upon sale of your item. The fees will depend on the item and your reserve price which may vary between approx 3% to 8%.

Please enquire 1300 849 146


cost of listing is normally $39.90 end of january special listing is absolutely free.

No Sale no Charge. commission payable upon sale is Negotiable from 3 to 8%

Please enquire 1300 849 146


You can submit your query about any caravan you like to start bidding for or you are willing to post one for an auction.


1. All ads need to be approved prior to publication usually within 24 hours.
2. We are happy to accept listings from dealers. Please call 1300 849 146 for fees, terms and conditions.